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Bluetooth Keyfob for Vectra

2.84 usd

This App controls the central locking on a Vectra C car. It is useful if the cars original keyfob is broken or as an addon to a working system. A DIY module needs to be installed in the car drivers door consisting of Arduino Nano, BT Module HC-06, 2 Channel Relay Board (Arduino) and a voltage regulator. Full details for the module will be available on my blog site shortly, including the software for the module.The App will lock and unlock all doors and also unlock the boot just as the original keyfob did. There is no limit to the number of phones running the App to control the same car which is useful if the car is shared. Also useful if you are locked out of the car or want to give a friend access to the car.
The App is protected by a user changable Pair code for the BT module and also a 4 digit PIN which is setup by a long press on the Status button and selecting from the menu.
The App will attempt to get a location using location services each time the vehicle is locked.
The App wil also recieve SMS commands should the phone also be locked in the car (only if the App is still running.
A long press on the Status button launches setup menu.